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The president¡¯s speech in Spring Festival Party
Time£º2010/6/14 Clicks£º2265

Distinguished guests and friends:

Good morning!

The end of year of Ox bring much more fortune, and the beginning of year of tiger is full of good news.When the New Year is coming,we are joyfully to gathered here to celebrate the harvest that we achieved from our hard work in the past one year and for our better new year. First of all, may I offer my sincere wishes and greeting on behalf of friendly city association for the promotion in Tianjin and me to honorary president Mr. Wang Shuzu,the consultants, all the members of our association and our guests and friends who supported our work.


Spring is flowery and autumn is fruitful, the sweat congealed into gains; seasons come and go, the difficulties turned to be success. In the past 2009, our association held the preparatory meeting and the formal founding meeting. Then our association got the approval of relevant governments and registered for juridical association officially. Since we founded ,we did a lot of foundation work: established office with capable personnel and good equipment in suitable place; set up our own website and journal Friendly for propagandist our association and our members. All these played an actively role for our members to get more membership information and develop our work and create a powerful condition to our future work.Moreover,we hope the cities that have friendly relationship or communication with Tianjin deepen their contacts with Tianjin¡¯s companies, make Tianjin¡¯s companies build up their business world and more companies come to Tianjin. We received officials and travelling traders from Romania,Poland,Korea,Mongolia,German and so on with our members. We discussed actively and did some marking activities on machinofacture,wine,paper products and organic food. In January 8 this year, our association and Romania¡¯s embassy in China held ¡°Danube Night---China-Romania business meeting¡± in Tianjin Zhengxie Club.Romania ambassador,economic,culture and commercial councilors attended the meeting. The successful meeting made our members and other friendly companies have deeper understand in Romania¡¯s needs and won the high praise from Romania.


Friends, in this nice day, we would like to thank honorary president Mr.Wang Shuzu for his inscription and his guide that made our work toward the right direction in the first days of our association. I suggest that let¡¯s give a warm applause to our honorary president, thank you very much!


A year passed with gorgeous and happy, a extensive spring come with wind.Look ahead to the 2010, we should be confidence to create new glorious. Let¡¯s fight for new victories with a greater inspiration, a higher enthusiasm, a stronger will and a more engaged spirt.I am sure our association will make its contribution to Tianjin to go flobal.


Spring has come back to the earth as well as holiday season and happiness. Not only the age, but also the friendship and health are increasing. I sincerely wish all of you lucky and all the best in the year of Tiger!


Thank you!

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