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The vice chairman of our association Hu Qiajing met with 17 technology trading company of South Africa
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Our vice-chairman Mr.Hu Qiajing, secretary general Mr.Hu Xianpian, director Mr. Xie Xuennong and Mr.Bai Songhua met with Mr.Pan Duo,who is the representative of DGB wine group of South Africa ,the chairman of 17 technology trading company and his party in Zhongtian Jinxiu business hotel in April 8 afternoon,2010(Thursday).


During the meeting, the vice-chairman Mr.Hu extended warm welcome to Mr.Pan Duo and his party. He said that there were good relationship between Tianjin and South Africa. He had visited South Africa in 2001 and it gave him a very deep impression. Mr.Hu introduced some details of foreign trades and economic cooperations of Tianjin as economic center of north China as well as some situations of Sino-French Joint-Venture Dynasty Winery Co.,LTD. He said that there are 20 thousand foreign enterprises in Tianjin,and the sum of foreign capital is $80 billions. Sino-French Joint-Venture Dynasty Winery Co.,LTD is the first joint venture in Tianjin,and its yearly capacity is 80 million bottles.Its products have won eight gold award, enjoys a good reputation everywhere.


Mr.Pan Duo expressed his sincere gratitude to our warm reception. He said that he came from Cape Town,the important harbor and also a very important vintage area. As an old wine city and emerging country, its products have high quality and famous reputation. He said the amount of platinum minerals of South Africa accounted for 80 percent of global market, and his mine production placed numbered 5 in South Africa and he was going to exploit diamond mine which has more reserves. His wine company¡¯s annual capacity is 70 million bottles.Mr.Pan hoped that there would be cooperate with Sino-French Joint-Venture Dynasty Winery LTD.under our association¡¯s help.


Mr.Hu showed that we would try our best to help Mr.Pan to achieve his wish.


Our secretary general Mr.Hu introduced our association and presented our house journal Friendship to Mr.Pan.


In the company of secretary general Mr.Hu, Mr.Li Liansuo,the chief economist of Tianjin Land-reclaimable Group and the relative people of Sino-French Joint-Venture Dynasty Winery LTD.Mr.Pan and his party surveyed the producing department of Sino-French Joint-Venture Dynasty Winery the next morning.In the noon,the president of Sino-French Joint-Venture Dynasty Winery LTD.Mr.Gao Feng talked extensively with Mr.Pan,and reached some cooperation intention.<


Mr.little Pan,Mr.Luo Xin,who is from DGB wine group of South Africa and the chairman of China Hainan Airline Tiangang Group Mr.Shen Rongji and so on kept company with Mr.Pan Duo.


The chairman of Tianjin Jinxiu Investmeng Group Co.,Ltd Mr.Xie Xuenong present a pair of cloisonn¨¦ enamel to Mr.Pan as souvenirs and wished that China and South Africa have long friendship.

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