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Preliminary Meeting of the ¡°Friendship Star¡± Award Ceremony and Foundation of Trade Promotion Speciality Commission Held
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On January 15, 2016, preliminary meeting of the “Friendship Star” award ceremony and foundation of Trade Promotion Speciality Commission was held in Yan Club. About twenty people including Honorary President Wang Shuzu, President Wangyuying, Consultant Zhao Yumin, Vice President Hu Xiaopian, Jia Zhigang, Secretary-General Bai Songhua, Vice Secretary-General Zhang Yan and others were present at the meeting.

Award Ceremony of “ Friendship Star of 2015” and foundation of Trade Promotion Speciality Commission will be held on January 21. President Wang Yuying reported preparatory work to Honorary President Wang Shuzu, Consultant Zhao Yumin and others. The attendees discussed about the preparatory work of the ceremony and make sure everything will go well. Honorary President Wang Shuzu fully recognized the work of TSCPE of the past year. He hopes the entire staff of TSCPE can work harder and build TSCPE into first-class council.        


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