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¡°Friendship Star of 2015¡± Award Ceremony Held
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On January 21, 2016, “Friendship Star of 2015” award ceremony was held in Tianjin Yingbin Hotel. About two hundred people including Honorary President Wang Shuzu, President Wangyuying, Consultant Zhao Yumin, Hu Shengcai, Wang Xiong, Cao Zhiren and others were present at the meeting.

President Wang Yuying addressed the ceremony and made report about the work of past year. He expressed that in the new year, TSCPE will further strengthen self-construction, adhere to the purpose of “serving member enterprises”, and help member enterprises to “go out”, to build TSCPE into first-class council of China even the world, and contribute to the friendship between Tianjin and its sister cities.

Consultant Zhao Yumin awarded the member certificates to SEW-Eurodrive(Tianjin) Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Jinyuan Power Installation Co. Ltd. Honorary President Wang Shuzu awarded the appointment letters of consultant to Li Shengli and Dong Libin. Mr. Li and Dong expressed their thanks to the trust of TSCPE and expressed that they will make every effort to contribute to the development of TSCPE.

 Zhang Shengli, General Manager of SEW-Eurodrive(Tianjin) Co., Ltd. ,was awarded the “Friendship Star of 2015”. President Wang Yuying read out the  prize announcement and Honorary President Wang Shuzu awarded Zhang Shengli the medal. Mr. Zhang expressed his thanks to TSCPE for the trust and support for his company. He expressed that he will make good use of the platform to contribute to the development of TSCPE.


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