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31 [News For TSCPE]Communication Meeting with Tianjin Chamber of Commerce for Import©}Export Held 2016/9/23
32 [News For TSCPE]Eight Chambers Sign Friendship Agreement to Build a Beautiful Tianjin 2016/3/18
33 [News For TSCPE]¡°Friendship Star of 2015¡± Award Ceremony Held 2016/3/3
34 [News For TSCPE]Preliminary Meeting of the ¡°Friendship Star¡± Award Ceremony and Foundation of Trade Promotion Speciality Commission Held 2016/3/3
35 [News For TSCPE]Honorary President Wang Shuzu Meets with Omani Guest 2016/3/3
36 [News For TSCPE]Foundation Ceremony of TSCPE Wine Specialty Commission and Wine Tasting Meeting for Mid-Autumn Festival Held 2016/3/2
37 [News For TSCPE]President Wang Yuying Attends the 70th Anniversary of the National Day of the S.R of Viet Nam 2016/3/1
38 [News For TSCPE]President Wang Yuying Visits Russia, Poland, Hungary with CCPIT-Tianjin 2015/8/5
39 [News For TSCPE]Fifth Friendship Star Award Ceremony Is Held 2015/7/23
40 [News For TSCPE]Finland-Rovaniemi Delegation Comes to Visit 2015/7/22
41 [News For TSCPE]Exchange Meeting of Wine Entrepreneurs Is Held 2015/7/22
42 [News For TSCPE]Director of Uruguay National Tourism Administration Comes to Visit 2015/7/22
43 [News For TSCPE]TSCPE Signs Friendship Agreement With Minho Enterprise Institute 2015/7/21
44 [News For TSCPE]President Wang Attends HK-China Business, Tourism, Technology & Investment Forum 2015/7/21
45 [News For TSCPE]Co-founder of Zhou Enlai Peace Institute Zhou Xiaofang Comes to Visit 2015/7/20
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